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About Scott

Scott Baker is a writer and film-maker who has recently returned from middle earth, working with Peter Jackson on his epic trilogy - ‘The Hobbit.’
From a young age, Scott was a storyteller, making up elaborate reasons why he wasn’t able to tidy his room when confronted by a skeptical mother.
  Scott moved from Yorkshire England to the Blue-mountains of NSW, Australia when he was three years old. He grew up learning martial arts, reading fantasy novels and watching movies at every opportunity. He spent his youth playing sports and designing elaborate stories to shift the blame for anything that was done wrong onto his older brother.
Scott studied TV and film production at university, and worked as a consultant in the film industry before lecturing at the Australian National University in digital video. Scott moved to Canberra to train in the sport of Taekwondo with sights set on the 2004 Olympics, but injury would keep him out of the selections.
‘The Rule of Knowledge’ is Scott’s first novel. He is currently working on the development of two feature films and his second novel. He lives somewhere on the highway between Sydney and Canberra in a little red Hyundi Excel....


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