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From a small town high-school to the far reaches of the globe, ‘The Rule of Knowledge’ takes readers on an adventure through the ages, and probes the big questions of faith, knowledge, and love.
In a cross between ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Back to the future’, the story follows Shaun Strickland as he unwittingly  comes into possession of an ancient diary, written in perfect English, and predicting the exact moment at which it will be found. From this moment, a non-stop action thrill ride forces Shaun to uncover the secret of the diary before he is killed by those who want the secret for themselves. Shaun learns of the life of Saul the gladiator, and the covert mission he must undertake to save the modern world as we know it. The lives of millions hang in the balance as Shaun struggles to stay alive long enough to solve a mystery that leads to a mind-bending truth, and a moment of inevitability. ‘The Rule of Knowledge’ examines the nature of free will and will challenge the notion of cause and effect.

Scott Baker is an amazing new talent!                   The twist at the end gave me shivers. ACTUAL SHIVERS.

Matthew Reilly                                                             Lisa Ginnane 


This is a book to be consumed in great 100-page gulps.

It gets better and better the more you read.

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Book Trailer

Interview with Scott Baker - 7.30 report


TALKING CATS - melding historical and science accuracy in fiction.

Thanks to, Canberra Civic pool


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